Welcome to the Armstrong-Wynne Collection Website

What is the Armstrong Wynne Collection?

The Armstrong-Wynne collection is a series of chemical experiments which were undertaken by Henry Edward Armstrong and William Palmer Wynne during the latter 19th century/early 20th century.

These experiments were important to the dyestuff industry which today, is a multi-billion dollar industry. This website will hopefully give you an insight into the work of Henry Armstrong and his partner William Wynne.

As well as giving you an insight into some of the work that Armstrong and Wynne have done, there is a background into aromaticity and how dyes have evolved through the years.

You can also find a small resumé on Kekule, the accredited chemist who discovered the structure of benzene and Loschmidt, a chemist who supposedly discovered the structure of benzene long before Kekule. See diagrams of Loschmidt's booklet published before the structure of Benzene here. Feel free to decide for yourself!

This site is for both scientists and non scientists. Throughout the site please see that some words are underlined. I hope to be able to explain certain scientific terms in popup windows which will hopefully help those who have not done chemistry.

Newly added content: Testing Armstrong and Wynnes Chemicals!