August Kekule von Stradonitz

A. Kekule
  • 7 September 1829 - 13 July 1896
  • Ph.D. University of Giessen 1852
  • Professor of Chemistry at Ghent, Belgium, 1858
  • Published benzene model 1865
Born in Darmstadt to a Bohemian noble family, August Kekule von Stradonitz became a professor at Chent university in Belgium in 1858. His studies related to carbon compounds, including benzene for which he published its structure in 1865.

Supposedly he discovered the structure of benzene after dreaming of a snake eating its own tail. Kekule's theory came after Loschmidt's proposed structures which were published in 1862. The reason Loschmidt's structure was not recognised was because there was no empirical proof.

The title "von Stradonitz" is due to Kekule's enobling by Emperor William II. This enobling allowed Kekule to add the title in reference to Ancient possessions of Kekule's family in Stradonice.